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Powercat 990: Commercial Catamaran

Low wash and fuel economy make the 990 an ideal patrol vessel for inland waterways. The 990 was developed as a Harbour Patrol Vessel for the Port of London Authority, which has two in service. Extensive testing was carried out to determine the most efficient hull form to provide exceptional efficiency and low wash characteristics.  The vessels operate with twin 60hp motors at speeds up to 20 knots and have provided fuel cost savings of over 67% compared to the vessels they replaced. The boat is also fitted with solar panels which provide electric power for battery charging and key on-board systems.




2 x 60hp motors          25 knots




8 persons

8 persons






Weight (LCC)


RCD Category C

MCA Category 4

The Powercat 990 is a versatile vessel which can be fitted with inboard or outboard motors and the large deck space can accommodate a range of wheelhouse and seating arrangements and comes with a choice of three layouts:


Centre console open boat


Centre wheelhouse


Forward wheelhouse


990 Specifications:


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